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Begining of a Story

Just two paragraphs, just a few words. The game (the homework) is to fencundate an idea and kill it bafeore it’s born. Here’s my share:


Nish is thrity tears old, wears an ironed cotton shirt and is ready to commit a murder. Few meters away from the future crime scene, what worries him most is if his deodorant has abandoned him as he climbed the palace stairs. The corridor ahead extends nearly one kilometer straight. The doors at both sides have the height of fice average earthlings. The building seems to have been built for cyclops, not for humans.

Nish walks during long minutes through the neverending corridor. Door after door, he starts to get a little bit impatient and the echo of his boots in the huge corridor is getting more and more annoying. After ten minutes of walking in the hall, seven months of travel from Earth, two years of militar training and one life of bondage, he reaches the walnut wood door, and when he is about to knock, he realises that everything, all the travels, all the suffering, crimes and war started with one girl. And took one minute to think of her, his first love.

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