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The Batmobile Is a Female – Her Name Is Sally

Well, at least in the spanish dubbing for Batman Begins, in which a very creative crew worked hard to enhance (??) Nolan‘s script.

Several years ago I realized that one of the weirdest lines in Batman Begins’ screenplay was only in the spanish version. Remember the scene? The one with Bruce Wayne pretending he’s having a lot of fun in a hotel with two stunning chicks who undress and bath in the fountain. He escapes and gives the bellboy a tip.

That’s all. I mean, in the original version. The Spanish dubbing studio decided to include some words to polish Bruce Wayne’s character. Or that’s what they thought. Since Bruce is seen from behind, it was easy to add “Cómprate algo bonito”, meaning “Buy yourself something nice”.

When I found it out I was REALLY disappointed with dubbers. Come on! I always defended these guys. I love their job. Spanish dubbing rocks (Indeed. Don’t focus your attention on it). Now dubbers were betraying me. I couldn’t trust them anymore.

Or could I?

This year I saw this film again for the umpteenth time. I stopped on several scenes and compared Spanish and original soundtrack. I found something new: Batmobile’s name is Sally in Spanish, but not in English. WTF!?

When Lucius Fox lets Bruce try the Batmobile for the first time, the damned crazy guy drove it like mad. For God’s sake, Bruce, you can’t get this speed in a parking! Someone needed to do something. Here comes the funny part.

In the original version, Fox shoots “No, no, Sir, no!”. He’s obviously telling Bruce to slow down. We see a take from outside the car, in which it stops, obviously because Bruce braked. In the Spanish version, Lucius says “No, Sally, no!”. Sally? I don’t think he calls his boss this way, so it must be the car’s name. Then, we see the take from outside the car and it stops. Why? This time is because the car itself was following Lucius’ orders.

But why, oh Gods, why? Why did they decide to change it? What was the problem with an accurate translation? What is the Government hidding from us?

Suddenly, something got activated into my brain. An old memory. Sally is a good name for a car, but… Why?? Of course! Isaac Asimov wrote a short story titled Sally about thinking cars. Sally is one of these robot-automobiles who can understand  humans, just like the Batmobile from Batman Begins.

Is it a coincidence? It seems quite unlikely, doesn’t it? But the story changes a lot since the Batmobile can understand orders given by humans and even has a lovely female name.

I’d hate any translator who goes so far from the original text but… It was for including a reference to Asimov!! My heart is divided. I love and hate it so much…

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