Would you play the theremin in my brother-in-law’s wedding?

I would do a lot of things for money. Unfortunately, I can’t play the theremin.


How much is an Aerius 5mg‘s box?

Aerius is a third-generation antiallergic, that is, non-drowsy. I think more than 12 euros without prescription, it’s very expensive.


I have been snooping your drawings, why don’t you draw mouth to girls?

One is not a girl but a fembot, other is asleep, and the last one because of my looking for an absent mien, unemotional, for the spectator to choose the mood she’s in.


What is the secret for a good paella?

Put just one inch of rice as much. The less height the rice has, the better it tastes. Oh, and do not move it!


Is Norway a member of European Union?

It is not, although many people think it is. I believe they rejected it through referendum twice. Notwithstanding, they have a lot of treaties with the European Union about free trade, movement of persons, etc. For all practical purposes it’s almost like if it were one member more.


Which one is the best Euro-dance Band EVER?

This one’s hard. If I don’t  ponder too much over it, I would say Aqua. Not only because they are a textbook example of this genre, but because they produce good quality pop. Besides their biggest hits, they have less known songs which are even better than Barbie Girl or Doctor Jones.

I must confess I was tempted to answer Vengaboys, Whigfield, Gala


How do you say “Made with love” in Lithuanian?

“Pagaminta su meile”.

One thought on “RAQ

  1. Tash Jansson says:

    Do you think it would be possible to cause a state of societal chaos by flushing a massive amount of wet wipes down the potty and clogging the sewage system of a whole country? SCARY, I KNOW.

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