Who are you?

My name is Marco. I’m from Valladolid (Spain). Now I’m living in Madrid. I work and I study Journalism.

You already had a blog, hadn’t you?

Indeed, here it is. But I’m not posting there anymore.

What is your blog about?

Everything. I’m interested in a buch of things and having one blog for each one of them seems to be a useless work.

Are you Caco Manrique from Twitter/Last.fm/Busuu…?

Yep. My actual name is Marco, but people always called me Caco, so this is the nickname I use to register in websites.

What is the meaning of RAQ?

It’s a pun, a joke. Since there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, why not one for RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions)?

Why are the old posts in Spanish?

I’m Spanish and Spanish is my mother tongue. I used to post in Spanish until I started my Erasmus year in Kaunas (Lithuania). It’s a practical thing. Now I can post my assignments in English without translating them. Furthermore, it’s easier fot my teachers to get on my track.

What is the meaning of “Nutria Marina”?

“Sea Otter”. It’s my favourite animal. It was the title I gave to the blog when it was in Spanish. Now I don’t feel like changing it.

How can I contact you?



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