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Shame on my country

Today is a sad day. According to the most recent OECD report we are making a totally lousy job with the International Developement. Spain, which commited itself to give 0,7 % of its gross domestic product to help developement, is nowadays giving just 0,16 %. Hey, and we shouldn’t complain. It’s 0,01 % higher than last year. Our prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, thinks that cutting international developement assistance is free of any political costs. And do you know what’s the worst part? It probably is.

Sad events are less sad when they happen far away. What does it take to be a piece of news? It’s an interesting question. There are many criteria that must meet together to make raw information become a tasty piece of news.


A piece of news must be -surprise- new. There’s no interest in telling something that happened five hundred years ago. It has also to be peculiar. There’s no interest in telling that sun will be setting this evening. It has to be notorious, of course. It’s more interesting when the Queen of England breaks the law, than when I do.

And… well, proximity IS VERY IMPORTANT. One of the less human side of Journalism is how to calculate the value of deaths. The death of a neighbour is much more important than the death of a siberian farmer. So… how many siberian farmers have to die to make the piece of news equally important?

Now, our Government is trying to use this in its benefit. Cutiting the budget of the international development assistance would cause deaths so far away that the Spanish population won’t really care.

This time thou shalt not escape unscathed, they will have to respond, they will know we care.

We won’t let our country keep rescueing highways and bankers and letting people and communities die.

This time we will make noise.

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